Dynamic HDR Processor tutorial
Image enhancement with HDR processor


- Close Dreamwever before installation.
- Double click on MXP/ZXP file to start installation process.
- If your system doesn't recognize the .mxp or .zxp file extensions, install the Extension Manager
- After installation is completed, start Dreamweaver.
- (Restart Dreamweaver if it was running during the installation).

Insert into a page

- Click to insert the cursor where you want the Flash video player to appear and select...
- "Insert" ==> "Media" ==> "HDR Processor"

- If your page is unsaved Dreamweaver will prompt you to save the page.

Image Control Panel

The image control panel contains image effect and Brightness/Contrast/Saturation controls. Left and right arrows allow quickly switch between images. Select desired image, choose effect and move the sliders. Please note: different effects suites for different subjects.

HDR effect - best for nature, landscapes, architecture images.
Alternative HDR effect - best for black and white, vintage, classic themes.
Soft Contrast effect - best for portrait, romantic, magic photos.

Strength - strength of selected effect.
Brightness - brightness of the image.
Contrast - contrast of the image.
Saturation - saturation of the image.

Playlist tab


(+)Add - Add new image from your hard drive.
(-)Remove - Remove selected image from the list.
Up - Move up selected image in the list.
Down - Move down selected image in the list.

Link - Image link.
Target - Image link target.

Slideshow tab


Auto Play - Automatic start of Slide Show on page load.
Slide Show Delay - Time delay between images in seconds.
Corner Radius - Radius of rounded corners of the gallery.
Compare Before/After - On/off compare mode.
Controls Alpha - Transparency of control buttons.
Controls Rollover Alpha - Transparency of buttons in rollover state.
Control Buttons Color - Color of control buttons.
Show Play/Pause Button - Enables "Play/Pause" button in the HDR component.
Show Prev/Next Button - Enables "Previous" and "Next" buttons in the HDR component.

Files tab


SWF File Path - URL to the dynamic photo HDR processor SWF file.

User interface command buttons

- Preview - Quick preview in the same window.
- Insert - Insert the component code on the page and close the UI window.
- Save - Save (or insert) the component code in the page without closing the UI window.
- Remove - Remove selected component code from the page and close the UI window.
- Reload - Reload the UI window.