Flipping Book PDF Publisher Tutorial
Learn how to use PDF Publisher

Learn how to install PDF Publisher, create EXE file for presentaion, insert flip book into HTML page.

Windows System Requirements

PDF Publisher runs successfully on the following systems. If your computer does not meet these requirements, you may not be able to use our PDF Publisher.

- Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)
- Windows XP
- Windows Vista
- Windows Server 2003


- Double-click the "pdfPublisherSetup.exe" file, and you will see the Install Wizard pop up. Click Next button to continue.

- Select destination location for installation. Click Next button to continue.

- Confirm and click Install button to continue.

- Click Finish button.

Opening PDF Documents

The application screen shows preview of the flip book and interface buttons on the top of the window. When you first time open PDF Publisher all interface buttons are disabled except of the "Add File". Click on the button and browse to a PDF document on your computer.

After a file is selected all interface buttons are enabled.


The COLORS button opens the window with all color settings of the flip book, divided into categories. Change the colors the way you like and click OK. The book in the preview below will reload and apply all changes you made immediately.



The BUTTONS button opens the window that lets you choose which buttons to show in the flip book.



The BOOK button opens the window that lets you set up the core of the flip book engine and right click menu.



The TEXTS button opens the window where you can change all texts in the flip book (except of titles and tooltips, which you can change in the next window).



The TITLES button opens the window where you can change all titles/tooltips (the same text used as a title and a tooltip) in the flip book, enable/disable tooltips.



In the Background window you can set background images, margins, music and flip sound.



In the Publishing window you can select what you want to publish and specify destination folder.


Publish HTML or EXE

Click one of the publish buttons to publish HTML version of the flip book or EXE application file.

Using HTML Flip Book

Depending on Publish settings in the HTML page can be inserted one of the following:
  1. Flip book itself
  2. Text link that will open new window with the flip book
  3. Image link that will open new window with the flip book.
All necessary files will be created in the folder "flip_book_files" next to the HTML page.
Example of image link with caption.

Click to open the book

The link with javascript function "openBookInWindow()" without name opens a book (if you have only one book) or bookshelf in new window.
<a href="javascript: openBookInWindow(); top.consoleRef.focus();" >
	Click to open the book

The function with book name and page number will open required book on selected page
<a href="javascript: openBookInWindow('flipBook.html?book=myBook.pdf&pageNumber=2'); top.consoleRef.focus();" >
	Click to open the book "myBook.pdf" on the page number 2

Uploading HTML Flip Book to the Server

When you upload the flip book files to your server, your FTP client chooses the encoding of the uploaded files and sometimes he is mistaken in the choice. If everything works well on the local computer and the flip book stops working on the server then you need to open your FTP client properties and change "transfer mode" parameter to binary mode or auto mode (if binary mode was at first).

Using EXE Flip Book

The button Publish EXE generates "flip_book.exe", "autorun.inf" (if Autostart option is selected in publish settings) and "flip_book_files" folder. You can burn these files on CD/DVD. The disk will autostart the flip book if "autorun.inf" was copied to the root of the disk.